Deep Tissue / Sports Massage – 50 min

This care, applied with deep massage techniques, regulates your blood circulation while softening your tense muscles with quick and slow manipulations. It provides a noticeable relief in the body.

Swedish Massage – 50 min

By applying Swedish massage techniques to your whole body, your blood circulation is activated, tissues and cells are revitalized, muscle tension and stress are reduced.

Firming Massage – 50 min

This care combines slimming results with relaxation. Treatment begins with a lymphatic massage applied to the legs, followed by tapping and rolling movements. Firming massage ensures that the tissues are filled with fresh oxygen, allowing you to move the blood and lymph circulation and tighten. In addition, this regular care minimizes the effects of cellulite.

Reflexology / Foot Massage – 45 minutes

Reflex points directly correspond to certain parts and organs of the body. Manual stimulation of these points helps balance your body and natural healing ability.

Thai Massage – 50/80 min

Relaxation is an inspiration inspired by yoga and acupuncture techniques for relaxation. The body is relaxed by stretching, pulling and stretching movements.