Dear Izmirians,

The legend of Carrera was born in 1950 after the race celebration in the Mexican section of the Pan-American Highway, taking the name “Carrera Panemerica”, and this success was carried to the tracks with Hans Herrman’s third place in 1954. Over the years, the “Carrera” brand, which has been involved in many areas, especially in cars and fashion, has become a passion for everyone.

So much so that there is no car enthusiast who will not enjoy the sound of Porsche Carrera, and not a fashionist who will not follow Carrera watches; It makes Carrera one of the most exciting brands.

We are bringing this excitement to İzmir with a very special project as “Carrera Fitness & SPA”. We offer our new living center located on an area of ​​5000 square meters in Folkart Towers, with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, special concept rooms, a wellness & spa section that will be talked about a lot, and our staff, each of whom is an expert in their subject, in a way that suits you, breaking new grounds.

As the Carrera Fitness & SPA family, we look forward to welcoming the beautiful people of Izmir to Izmir’s new life center with excitement and impatience for you to join our family.

Carrera Fitness & SPA is in Izmir!

Carrera, which has become a world brand in many sectors, invites those who want to escape from the routine of life to Carrera Fitness & SPA in order to maintain this success in the field of sports and health. In addition to bringing a different perspective to their lives, it brings together a different concept in the 5,000 square meter Carrera Fitness & SPA in Folkart Towers.

In the most prestigious living center of Izmir, under the supervision of leading trainers and sports consultants, experience the vitality of applying the most suitable sports and nutrition program for your body, and the difference of being able to continue your life in a healthy and vigorous way at Carrera Fitness.

At Carrera SPA, which was designed to be rare even in Europe, feel the regenerative effects of massage, care and rituals performed by experienced therapists and estheticians from abroad, who are experts in their fields, deep in your soul and take time for yourself by escaping from the routine of life. You can safely leave your vehicles in the 500-car parking garage special for Carrera Fitness & SPA guests, and you can do your sports without worrying about parking space. Thanks to our activity and child care specialists at the Kids Club located in our facility, your children can spend time in a fun and safe way. Carrera Cafe & Bar, operating within the body of Carrera Fitness & SPA with the concept of healthy nutrition and healthy life, offers new flavors for you to have a good time with your loved ones with its delicious menus.

At Carrera Fitness & Spa, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, you will forget your worries about life and return to your life as a new ‘you’.